We have been constantly focusing on taste and innovation, seeking every measure to bring tempting platters before you. Enjoy American Delicacies while sitting in Central London. Cagney’s makes it possible.


We pick the extraordinary out of the ordinary, we are Cagney’s. Serving the gourmand in central England with assorted flavours of America, the restaurant has come a long way. We are one of the oldest American restaurants existing in the rich cultural environs of England. We have been constantly serving food lovers with exotic cuisines picked from American mainland since 1978.

Italian and American Restaurant in London since 1978

Our experts have explored the lengths and breadths of American continents to discover soul satiating gourmet cuisines including chargrilled hamburgers, steaks and authentic American delicacies. We are proud of our restaurant because of the authentic American food and delicacies we serve our customers with. You can also view the inside and outside view of our restaurant online on our website before booking a table with us.


We bet you will never get a chance to explore the authentic American cuisines better than what we offer. If you are from America and are living in England, you can visit Cagney’s to taste home flavours at its best or you can simply drop in at our restaurant and order some of our succulent dishes to give your taste buds the joy of discovering flavours of the extreme west.

Italian and American Restaurant in London since 1978

Explore our terrace service and spend some quite moments with your family. We have this beautiful space arranged for our guests to relax and sip in exotic red and rose wines coming from the finest orchards. Come on in a sunny morning and enjoy our wide range of tuna and onion, cheese and bacon, prawn and ham coupled with omelettes of assorted varieties. Let us serve you a platter full of deliciousness and love.


1. Choose music carefully.

Guests are a priority at Cagney’s. We ensure that our customers are made to feel comfortable while they dine, so we put up music for them to enjoy food with some lovely notes being played around. We choose soulful music to fit around the ambience. From playing songs by famous artists to turning on melodious downtown numbers, we sure want to make your visit to Cagney’s a memorable one.

2. Never serve food that has expired.

Kitchen is core of our business. From cutting meat, chopping vegetables, garnishing food, adding toppings and frosting, to touching every part of the kitchen, our kitchen men have to be extensively involved with their work. In between, these are men who maintain hygiene to guarantee the food served to guests is of top quality. Our end to end services ensure that each and every customer visiting us is being given fresh food where there is no chance of staleness. Even if it is the most expensive ingredient that we want to use in the recipe, if our chefs find it stale, it soon lands up in the trash. Expired food is a big no for us. Food and service tops our list of priorities, so you can be rest assured of dining the finest meals at Cagney’s.

3. Keep the restaurant spotless.

At Cagney’s each of us strive to plant a smile on your face, with top notch services. We want to see our guests satisfied with the food and service we provide and side by side our professionals also keep a note on cleanliness maintained across the premises. Our restaurant personnel seeks efforts in maintaining sanctity while washing hands, tools and utensils, tasting food, cleaning the eating and drinking space and while serving meals. Each and every one of us ensures to keep this popular eatery spotlessly clean. Now that’s our promise.

4. Make deliberate choices with lighting.

Lighting choices primarily depend on the luminance of the commercial space. Over-lit or under-lit, at Cagney’s we ensure our guests are not compelled to experience any of it. So we have installed lighting systems which are apt to match with different ambiences. Furthermore the lighting technologies we have chosen for the space should in no way hinder the environment. At Cagney’s we illuminate the workspace enough for our employees to conduct operations most safely.